On 09/05/07, Thomas Anders wrote:
> > Log Message:
> > -----------
> > CHANGES: snmpd: PATCH: 1702366: Support for icmpStatsTable
> > Patch provided by Neil Horman

> I think this patch broke the build for non-Linux systems....
> because the "struct icmp_stats_table_entry" definition is inside "#ifdef
> linux". Should we put *more* code inside "#ifdef linux" or is it worth
> to try to extract the portable components and start with *removing* the
> #ifdef around the struct definition?

The quick fix is probably to wrap the handler routine within #ifdef linux
(since that's the only archtiecture that registers it)

If you want to look at implementing the load function for other architectures
too, then feel free - that's clearly the better long-term approach.
But unless you're in a position to do this straight away, I'm inclined to
limit the effects of this patch to just Linux kit for now.


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