Thanks. I started a page and put a usage example. Someone else is
editing right now, but I will probably add more later.

On 5/9/07, Dave Shield wrote:
> On 09/05/07, Noah Gift wrote:
> > If we have a wiki for the python bindings,
> > I can put what I learned up so far.

> Your wish is my command, Oh Master.
> See
> > As for the separate mailing list, it might encourage more python
> > programmers to get involved as there is quite a bit of traffic on this
> > list that is not related to my problem Of course, that is being
> > selfish, but well...I am a little selfish sometimes.

> I'm not convinced, personally - but we've got a project admin meeting
> coming up. I'll raise the suggestion there, and see what the others
> think. (Or people can always comment here, of course).

With the stuff happening in the python world, I see this as a potent
web app framework + sqlalchemy + net-snmp = fun

I am sure I am not the only python person who thinks this..

> Dave

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