Well the good news is that, with the help of a colleague, I was able
to get the bindings to work properly. When I compiled from source on
ubuntu 7.04 and then installed the python egg it could not find
libnetsnmp.so.15 when I did an import from ipython.

My colleague used ldconfig to link the path to libnetsnmp.so.15 in:

then I was working. I also tried to get this to compile on OS X and
OS X server and had some big issues, but that isn't really the top of
my list right now as I usually work from an ubuntu shell as I have
come to not count on OS X having things up to date that I would expect
work on a linux box.

Now, I am in the process of writing some test python code to query a
Cisco router. Since I will be working on this project for quite a
while and need to be an expert on python and SNMP, I will volunteer to
help as much as possible. If we have a wiki for the python bindings,
I can put what I learned up so far.

As for the separate mailing list, it might encourage more python
programmers to get involved as there is quite a bit of traffic on this
list that is not related to my problem Of course, that is being
selfish, but well...I am a little selfish sometimes.

On 5/9/07, Dave Shield wrote:
> On 08/05/07, Noah Gift wrote:
> > I had problems importing the netsnmp python moduel once I had compiled
> > version 5.4. Is the version in the trunk a better place to checkout
> > the python bindings?

> I don't think there's any significant difference between the two
> Comparing the two, the only extra change on the SVN trunk is
> the removal of a couple of C++ comments. I suspect the
> actual code is identical.
> Note that this functionality is very new, and should probably be
> regarded as alpha-status. Any fixes gratefully received.
> Dave
> PS: I don't think there's enough traffic to justify a separate mailing list,
> so here is as good as anywhere for questions about the python bindings.
> But bear in mind that very few people are using these bindings as yet,
> so you're probably now one of the leading experts!

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