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On 07/05/07, Kobi Vaknin (kvaknin) wrote:
> The command line I've used: mib2c -i -c mib2c.scos.conf -I$PATH_CONF
> cServiceControlSubscribersTable I've also set the export set :
> MIBDIRS=../../../net-snmp-mibs:$OUR_MIBDIR
> In generall I've compiled 10 mibs without any problems.
> This configuration file was constructed according to your guldens (table
> that its Db is entirely handled by the user), attached

OK - I've tried running this command on the MIB file you send in the
previous message. The output generated looks sensible (including
init_, initialize_ and handler routines).

However I did note that both this command and the log file would
result in a file 'cServiceControlSubscribersTable.c'. But the code
file you originally attached was 'ciscoServiceControlSubscribersMIB.c'

That doesn't explain the problems you are seeing, since that code
file should have included support for both tables. But it does tend
to indicate that the information you're providing isn't entirely consistent.

But I can confirm that the command above should work sensibly,
as long as your development environment is set up correctly.


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