On 09/05/07, utpala m wrote:
> We have a problem querying the Netsnmp subagent.
> When a sample subagent is built and used with the NetSnmp5.3.1 the
> queries like snmpwalk go well.
> but when the same subagent is built and used with the NetSnmp5.0.9(Comes
> with linux)it gives an error "No more variables left in this MIB View (It is
> past the end of the MIB
> tree)" or "NO Such Object available on this agent at this OID" .
> This may be a configuration issue . please help us in resolving the
> issue.

Things to check:

- what *can* you see on the 5.0.9 setup?
(can you request information from the 'ucdavis' or 'netSnmp' trees)?

- does the subagent receive anything from the master
(turn on packet dumps, let things settle down, then make a
GET query for one of the delegated objects).

- is there any difference between the two config files?
(start the agent using -Dread_config, to check exactly what
is being read in).


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