Sorry for the double post, but this is the traceback I get on the
version in the trunk as well:

In [1]: import netsnmp
Traceback (most recent call last)

/src/net-snmp-svn-main/python/ in ()

/src/net-snmp-svn-main/python/netsnmp/ in ()
----> 1 from client import *

/src/net-snmp-svn-main/python/netsnmp/ in ()
2 import string
3 import re
4 import types
6 # control verbosity of error output

: No module named client_intf

On 5/8/07, Noah Gift wrote:
> I had problems importing the netsnmp python moduel once I had compiled
> version 5.4. Is the version in the trunk a better place to checkout
> the python bindings?
> Noah

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