Sukwoo Kang wrote:
> We are currently developing net-snmp based subagent on AIX. We tried to use
> dynamic linking for net-snmp libraries on AIX, but we failed. Our subagent
> crashes with dynamic libraries as in the following. (I'm using
> net-snmp 5.2on AIX 5.1.) [...]
> All that suggested are using static linking on AIX. Other than static
> linking, is there any solution to solve this problem?

It has been a while, but IIRC I *have* been able to build a working
net-snmp 5.4 with dynamic linking on AIX. I think it required a few
ugly hacks, because I fear it isn't particularly well supported by
current stable libtool (1.5.22).

What compiler version, CFLAGS and configure options did you use?
Please note that I'd highly recommend moving to net-snmp 5.4 before
anything else.


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