On 04/05/07, Senthil Nathan wrote:
> The mibBrowser make Get and sequnce of Get-next request only. So is there
> any aleternate to stop the request for next columnar object in the table /
> calling next table in the mib.

No. That's the way SNMP works.

The GETNEXT request is asking for "the next instance",
not "the next instance in the same table". So that's what
the agent provides. If it's asked for "the next instance"
following the last row in the table, then that's what it will
return - either the first entry of the next column, or the
first entry in a completely separate table.
It's up to the management client (mib browser) to spot
that this result is no longer relevant, discard it, and stop.

That's perfectly normal behaviour - don't worry about it.


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