On 03/05/07, swarup.guchhait@accenture.com
> I want to retrive data from hp-ux boxes.
> So in that sense hp-ux become client of solarwinds(windows server).

OK - so we've got a confusion of terminology.

Most network services use a "client-server" model, where the
client is the program that's run by the person using the system,
and the server is the program that sits in the background, providing
the necessary information.

So conventionally, you'd describe the SolarWinds system (or
other management application) as the client, with the Net-SNMP
element being the server (which SNMP calls an "agent").

> I know what is our snmp community string and ip address and all the
> details.
> If we will run snmpconf or snmpconf -g basic_setup it is asking so many
> question.

I repeat my suggestion from yesterday - don't bother with snmpconf.
Just create a simple text file, containing the single line

rocommunity public

(or whatever community string SolarWinds is configured to use),
and install this as the snmpd.conf file.

That should be sufficient to get things working.


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