On 02/05/07, Newase Sagar Deepak wrote:
> I've compiled netsnmp for arm platform.But the snmpd reads the conf file
> which i have used at compile time.

That seems unlikely. The snmpd.conf file is read in when the agent starts
up, so the relevant file is the one that's present on the system at the time.
The contents of the config file present when the agent is compiled are
completely irrelevant.

> i have my conf file at both /etc and /usr/local/share/snmp

It's very unlikely that the agent will be reading in both locations.
It's much more likely to be one or the other (depending on how the
agent code was compiled - and typically whether you're using a
vendor-supplied agent, or one compiled from source).

Try starting the agent using the flags -f -Le -Dread_config
That debug output will show exactly which config files are being
read in (as well as the exact entries).


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