On 23/04/07, swarup.guchhait@accenture.com
> What is neccessary steps to run net-snmp client in hp-ux .

Can you please clarify exactly what you wish to run on the HP-UX systems.
Your message to SolarWinds seems to imply that you're talking about
how to configure the Net-SNMP agent on HP kit, but your query above
is talking about the Net-SNMP "client".
Which is correct?

> If we will run snmpconf from hp-ux host it is giving three file to configure
> 1>snmp.conf
> 2>snmptrapd.conf
> 3>snmp.conf
> Which one I need to configure ?

If you're talking about the Net-SNMP agent (i.e. retrieving information
from the HP-UX box), then you should be looking at snmpd.conf.

But quite honestly, the simplest way to get this working is not to
use "snmpconf" at all. Instead, create an snmpd.conf file containing
*just* the line

rocommunity public

You might want to change the community string, or restrict the
accessible views once you've got things working. But to start with,
I'd begin with this configuration.

If you're not talking about retrieving information from the HP-UX box,
then you'll need to give some more detail about exactly what you
are trying to do.


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