>>>>> "c" == cnelson writes:

c> Running NetSNMP 5.2.2 Linux 2.6.12 on a Sharp ARM (/proc/cpuinfo says
c> "ARM720T rev 3 (v4l)"), after running for days to weeks, my system
c> freaks out. I wish I could characterize it more specifically. Systems
c> with a lot of SNMP queries against them seem to fail more often than
c> those with fewer queries to process.

That does sound like a pain to track down. The best advice I can give
is that when things start to go wrong, check to see what the agent is
doing using a debugger...

It isn't leaking memory is it? Sometimes if the process gets too big
it can exhibit that kind of behavior if the system gets overloaded
with one process becoming too large.
Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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