>>>>> "HB" == Herve Boulouis writes:

HB> As the host mib is RFC defined I tried to extend the UCD-SNMP mib to
HB> have an instance of enterprises.ucdavis.systemstats per cpu with no
HB> luck so far. As I suppose I'm not the only one willing to get detailed
HB> per cpu stats, do you know if there is already ongoing work on this or
HB> ideas how to make it properly ? I don't know much the internals of
HB> net-snmp so I'm a bit lost here.

If there is no way to report CPU specific load information in existing
MIBs, you're right that the only thing left is to write a new MIB
(which should probably be placed under the Net-SNMP MIB tree

I actually thought there was something that would report what you
wanted, but I can't think of it at the moment and don't have the time
to go look...
Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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