I recently did this patch :


For now I've found no way to publish the detailed cpu statistics
(sys, kern, user, intr, ...) for each cpu. The only values available are the global
statistics in enterprises.ucdavis.systemstats.

The only per cpu stat I found is host.hrDevice.hrProcessorTable.hrProcessorEntry.hr ProcessorLoad
which only gives a rough cpu percent usage and no raw data.

As the host mib is RFC defined I tried to extend the UCD-SNMP mib to have an instance
of enterprises.ucdavis.systemstats per cpu with no luck so far. As I suppose I'm not
the only one willing to get detailed per cpu stats, do you know if there is already
ongoing work on this or ideas how to make it properly ? I don't know much the internals
of net-snmp so I'm a bit lost here.

Herve Boulouis

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