On 01/05/07, Senthil Nathan wrote:
> For your reference , i have given the exact snmpd config file with
> modifications for Red hat and Timesys.

Thank you - that is extremely informative.
Note the following comment:
> # As shipped, the snmpd demon will only respond to queries on the
> # system mib group until this file is replaced or modified for
> # security purposes.

and the following active lines:

> com2sec notConfigUser default public
> group notConfigGroup v1 notConfigUser
> group notConfigGroup v2c notConfigUser
> view systemview included .
> view systemview included .

> rocommunity public
> rwcommunity private
> master agentx

Once again, you have *two* sets of access configuration relating
to the community "public".

I suggest that you remove this config file completely, and try using
an snmpd.conf setup that *just* includes the settings

rocommunity public
rwcommunity private
master agentx

and nothing else.


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