I've searched the NetSNMP bug database for any issue with any status
that mentions "arm" and found 5 hits including "alarm" but nothing
relevant to my problem. I'm hoping that if this is a NetSNMP issue
it'll ring a bell with someone reading this list. I realize this is a
long shot.

Running NetSNMP 5.2.2 Linux 2.6.12 on a Sharp ARM (/proc/cpuinfo says
"ARM720T rev 3 (v4l)"), after running for days to weeks, my system
freaks out. I wish I could characterize it more specifically. Systems
with a lot of SNMP queries against them seem to fail more often than
those with fewer queries to process.

The same version of NetSNMP running on a PPC CPU with a somewhat older
kernel *never* fails. Yes, it could be a hardware issue and, yes, it
could be in one of several other subsystems. But we've seen NetSNMP
seem to eat memory and be a little flaky. But if NetSNMP 5.2.2 on ARM
is known to anyone to misbehave at all, I'd be glad for the feedback.



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