On 30/04/07, Senthil Nathan wrote:
> Suse10.1 Linux( net-snmp 5.2.1 version ) -Both GET/SET Reguest works fine.
> Red Hat 9 Linux ( net-snmp 5.1.2 version ) - only SET Request works and GET
> Request failed.
> Timesys Linux ( net-snmp 5.1.1 version ) - only SET Request works and GET
> Request failed.
> I have tried for Get Request for agent System information,but the Get
> request was not reflect in the agent side.

I'm sorry, but that's not enough information.
What is the *exact* command(s) that you've tried in each case?
And what was the result?

> I made the access modifications for snmpd.conf of Red Hat and Time sys like
> rocommunity public
> rwcommunity private as like Suse linux distribution.

Again, please attach the *exact* snmpd.conf file from the RedHat
and/or Timesys installations.


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