On 30/04/07, Senthil Nathan wrote:
> we trid for the Get and Get-next request we got Request time out error.

But what was the *exact* GET request(s) that you tried?
Cut-and-paste the command, please.

Do you get the same problem with internal "standard" OIDs
(such as the system group), or just your additions?

> I have followed the same modification for access compatibility changes in
> snmpd.config in Timesys also like
> rocommunity public
> rwcommunity private
> master agentx

Err... that's not actually what the config file says.
Note carefully:

> # These really aren't meant for production use. They include all MIBS
> # and can use considerable resources. See snmpd.conf(5) for information
> # on setting up groups and limiting MIBS.
> rocommunity public

> rocommunity public
> rwcommunity private
> master agentx

You've got *two* entries for the community "public".
One of which only allows access from the box itself.

You still haven't given sufficient detail of exactly what
commands you're trying. But my guess is that you're
using the community "public", and this is only valid from
I suspect that if you tried the same GET (or GETNEXT)
request with the community "private", then this would work.

I also suggest you change the rw community to something
a little less obvious!


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