On 27/04/07, rajasekhar kavuri wrote:
> register_config_handler("snmptrapd", "createUser",
> usm_parse_create_usmUser, NULL,
> "username (MD5|SHA) passphrase [DES [passphrase]]");
> register_config_handler("snmptrapd", "usmUser",
> usm_parse_config_usmUser, NULL, NULL);

If there's a line "createUser ..." or "usmUser ..." in the snmptrapd.conf file,
then call the routine usm_parse_{create,config}_usmUser() to process it,
and add the relevant SNMPv3 user to the system.

> snmp_register_callback(SNMP_CALLBACK_LIBRARY,
> usm_store_users, NULL);

Prepare the trapd to save any SNMPv3 users to persistent storage.

> init_snmp("snmptrapd");

Initialise the SNMP libraries.
(including reading in config files, and saving any persistent data.

> netsnmp_transport* transport = netsnmp_tdomain_transport("udp:162", 1, "udp");

Listen for incoming requests on UDP port 162.


PS: It's C code, not C++

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