On m=E5n, 2007-04-23 at 12:11 +0100, Dave Shield wrote:
> On 21/04/07, Magnus Fromreide wrote:
> > How comes that dlmod uses deinit_foo to deregister snmp module foo on
> > unload but the master agent uses shutdown_foo?

> =

> Hysterical raisins.
> Both of these date a long way back, so it's unlikely that any of us
> can remember the reasoning involved.

Oh dear, just as usual then.

> I suspect that shutdown_xxx support was probably added before
> the development team had recognised the similarities with the
> dlmod handling (which was a third-party-provided patch).
> And by the time the difference became apparent, it was too
> late to do anything about it.

Thanks for the explanation - it do make sense.

> > Which one should I put in my mib modules?
> >
> > Is this a reasonable deinit_foo?
> >
> > void deinit_foo() { shutdown_foo(); }

> =

> Yes - that seems sensible to me.
> shutdown is probably the more important,
> but this sort of double-wrapping should be OK.

I have another thought - would it be reasonable to change the dlmod code
to do something along the lines of this pseudocode:

if deinit_xxx found
call deinit_xxx
else if shutdown_xxx found
call shutdown_xxx
issue a warning

If we wish we could add a deprecation warning to the deinit_xxx code
path as well in order to make people move away from deinit_xxx.

The warning in the final else branch is due to the fact that we probably
leaked some memory since the module wasn't properly cleaned up.


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