Narayana Smaranas,

Thanks for your response.

If that be the case, is the way the SET operation
works changed from UCD-SNMP to NET-SNMP
implementations ?

In UCD-SNMP, the same subagent code was returning a
"Commit failed" error. But no errors are returned in

Narayana Smaranas,

--- Wes Hardaker

> >>>>> "KRV" == K R Venkateshan writes:

> KRV> But on a Net-SNMP system (5.1.4), the same
> sub-agent
> KRV> code, even though is returning a
> error, still
> KRV> the client does not receive any error as part
> of the
> KRV> SNMP response.
> KRV> But when I move the commit phase code to the
> action
> KRV> phase within the sub-agent, I get the exact
> error code
> KRV> as provided by the subagent.
> The commit phase shouldn't be allowed to have errors
> (and if it does,
> it's too late to revert the change).
> See:
> on the bottom of that page is the diagram for how
> the flow works.
> Errors should be checked for during the action
> phase.
> --
> Wes Hardaker
> Sparta, Inc.

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