Running on a Fedora Core 6 virtual machine. Tried using the Fedora
Core 6 yum repo agent (5.3.1 xx), the 5.4 stable agent from source,
and a few nightly builds of 5.4 (april 3 and april 6)

I can query the IF-MIB, HOST-MIB, and other non-extension MIBs from my
poller (Cacti) without issue. I am having problems with the extend
table (and exec on 5.3.1).

I can even do a bulk GET on the NET-SNMP-EXTEND-MIB to call extension
scripts, but only if I do a bulk walk of the OID



Any attempts to call sub OIDs below that point result in

Apr 6 21:56:24 vps287 kernel: snmpd[10550]: segfault at 0000000000000000
rip 00002aaaaaadc648 rsp 00007fff7268cb90 error 4

The error seems to be consistent across runs.

Apr 6 22:08:17 vps287 kernel: snmpd[11347]: segfault at 0000000000000000
rip 00002aaaaaadc648 rsp 00007fffd6eec3f0 error 4

The scripts I am attempting to call I have been using on 5-6 hosts
under RHEL3 with exec and the 5.0.x tree of Net-SNMP for over 2 years.

I have worked as a user with Net-SNMP for a long time but have not
done anything with the C code of it beyond configure/make.

I realize this is an unusual environment for Net-SNMP with both
Fedora and Xen working on the host. Unfortunately I do not have any
control over the Xen hardware node, I just have 5 Xen VMs on that

If there is a FAQ I should read about posting a question/problem like
this, please point me to it and I will RTFM.

Thanks for you help, sorry if I am not following proper procedure.

- Max

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