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On 05/04/07, Senthil Nathan wrote:
> Regarding my query,
> I have generated the c skeleton code by using iterator config in the MIB2c
> tool.
> My query is,
> When i do the get bulk request from my EMS application written in java
> based adventnet api.
> internally the snmp agent translates th eget bul request as consecutive get
> request only.
> I need to know the conversion from getBulk to get request.
> Is it possible to identify the request of Get bulk from netsnmp api level.

If you register a MIB handler using the relevant flags, then it will
pass the GETBULK request down to the handler routine.
But this requires that the handler chain knows how to process
the GETBULK behaviour.

The iterator helper does not include support for GETBULK, so the
agent automatically converts a GETBULK request into a sequence
of GETNEXT requests.
The iterator helper then converts each GETNEXT into the appropriate
GET, which is passed to your helper.

If you want to handle GETBULK requests directly, then you can't
use the iterator helper. You'll probably have to code everything
yourself. The basic table helper *might* be able to cope with GETBULK,
though I haven't checked to make sure.
But I'd be very surprised if any of the other table-based helpers can.


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