Narayana Smaranas,

I have a simple setup of a Ucd-Snmp Master (4.2.3)
agent on a linux box and a third-party Snmp manager on
another system. I have Snmp v3 support enabled. I have
registered a subagent that implements a set of SNMP
objects, with the Master agent.

On UCD system (4.2.3), when I try to set the objects
implemented by the subagent, the operation is
successful for valid data. For invalid data, at the
client I receive a "SNMP_ERR-COMMITFAILED" error. Even
though the subagent code, in the commit phase, returns
any SNMP error, I always get a "SNMP_ERR-COMMITFAILED"
error code at the client, which should be fine.

But on a Net-SNMP system (5.1.4), the same sub-agent
code, even though is returning a
"SNMP_ERR-COMMITFAILED" or any other SNMP error, still
the client does not receive any error as part of the
SNMP response.

But when I move the commit phase code to the action
phase within the sub-agent, I get the exact error code
as provided by the subagent.

I have a few queries in this regard :

- Is there any issue in moving the subagent code from
COMMIT phase to ACTION phase ?
(In case of ACTION phase failure, now in Net-snmp
(5.1.4) UNDO phase gets called, but earlier in
UCD-SNMP since I had all code in the COMMIT phase, the
UNDO phase was not getting called. Even if UNDO gets
called, I presume that the error-code of ACTION phase
would be returned to the client, when UNDO phase does
nothing and returns SNMP_ERR_NOERR).

- Is there a way of returning error codes from the
COMMIT phase and UNDO phase of SET operations ? (What
the error-code SNMP_ERR_COMMITFAILED is meant for).

- Is there a patch available for NetSnmp (5.1.4),
whereby the COMMIT phase code also behaves in the same
way as the UCD-SNMP (4.2.3) and returns me the commit
failed error code (SNMP_ERR_COMMITFAILED) ?

Can somebody respond to these queries at the earliest.

Narayana Smaranas,

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