On 05/04/07, Senthil Nathan wrote:
> Is it possible , to make the Index as read write.

Not really, no.
In fact, you wouldn't normally make an index object accessible
at all - it ought to be "not-accessible".

> for your reference,i have given my MIB definition.

> UserLoginEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
> userName OCTET STRING,
> }

If userName is the index, then walking the userPwd column
would automatically give you both this password *and* the
username (in the OID).

What problem are you trying to address by making the
index object writeable?

> Another could you specify any example for the string used as index.

Sorry - it's not clear exactly what you're asking here.

Given your MIB fragment, you'd request an individual entry
using something like:

snmpget .... userPwd.\"dave\"
snmpget .... userPwd.

If that's not what you mean, you'll have to be a bit more explicit.


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