I have a question about the communication going on b/w subagent that is
implemented using mib2c tool and snmpd. I am updating data related to
storage in *data_access.c file. But the tool is taking longer time.
real 0m3.120s
user 0m0.017s
sys 0m0.020s
and calling even more than 4 times. There are 2 problems comming. First
is SIGPIPE signal because probably time out occur of snmpwalk (well
resolved using signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN) and socket closed to write.
and second is sometime snmpwalk did not travel whole table and says
Error: OID not increasing:
and used -Cc to snmpwalk but it keeps on displaying the row of the table
where it gave error.

once there is time to update the table it starts waiting and do not
respond to the query. and why that error comming? is that supposed to
come. what is it significance or am i doing some thing wrong?

Sharad Chandra

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