> On 03/04/07, Eirik Nordbr=F8den wrote:
> > Fixed one I think, but there are more. Seems like all references to =

> > variables of type "struct tree *" fails

> =

> Agreed.
> I finally managed to reconfigure my setup shortly after =

> suggesting that last patch, and found that the MIB parsing =

> code within the OID perl code was significantly more =

> pervasive than originally thought.
> =

> Which makes sense, I suppose, given that there's such a =

> strong link between OIDs and MIB definitions. Unpicking the =

> effect of disabling the MIB parsing code from the OID perl =

> module is going to be a Non-Trivial process.
> =

> I've logged this as a bug in the Net-SNMP tracker, so it =

> won't get lost.
> =

> Dave

Thank you, we can live with this. We sort of have two different situations =
and just need to have two separate builds. =

A) One where we would like to have the perl stuff. In this case we have no =
problems having the MIB load either.
B) One where we do not want the MIB load stuff. In this case we do not need=
the perl stuff.

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