I am being able to generate a notification on behalf of an user that
don't even have a VACM entry. I think the checking is not implemented or
is not working properly. I looked at the code and I could not find any
part where the checking was being performed. Any clue?


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> On 30/03/07, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> > >>>>> "PP" == Passera Pablo-APP writes:

> >
> > PP> I have a question related to how VACM is implemented in

> the agent.
> > PP> Is the notify-view parameter in the access token being

> used when
> > PP> the agent generates a notification?
> >
> > It should be, yes.

> According to the RFC specs, it should be, yes.
> But in practice, I'm not convinced.
> If you set up a very basic snmpd.conf access configuration
> (with a single "rocommunity" line and nothing else), then
> walking the vacmAccessTable will show a value of 'none'
> for the notifyGroupName.
> But the agent will still generate traps quite happily.
> Dave

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