On 30/03/07, Wes Hardaker wrote:
> I *do* look through older code sometimes and do diffs against
> versions and frequently try to find what releases a particular code
> version was in, or...

I fully recognise the value of that sort of history (not least because I
also frequently need to check what code looked like in a particular
release.) Which is why I explicitly proposed keeping every single
release checkpoint.

But I doubt that there is the same need to refer back to the status of
*pre-release* code (which are very much interim checkpoints).

Similarly, there are various tags in the '/tags' tree which seem to
refer to the merging of significant code changes. That's a perfectly
reasonable short-term use of a change-control system, but it's
got nothing whatsoever to do with release checkpoints.

Again, there are a number of tags under the '/branches' tree which
seem to refer to the merging of specific code changes (e.g. the
various Xxx-3-1-2-1 branches). I'm sure this was a sensible way
of dealing with multiple incoming (and potentially incompatible)
bug reports at the time, but it's completely separate from the main
Vx-y-patches usage.

Be honest, Wes - when was the last time you looked at anything
more than (say) 2 years old, other than /branches/...-patches or
/tags/Ext-x-y-z ?

And even some of the /branches/...-patches lines don't really
belong there. What is the purpose of 'V5-3-0-patches, for example?
And how does this relate to V5-3-patches?
They have very similar names, but I don't believe that they
perform similar functions. (Or else I'm even more out of touch
with the organisation of this project than I thought I was!)

I don't really care whether we delete any obsolete branches
or tag checkpoints - or simply move them elsewhere. (As long
as this is somewhere *outside* the /tags or /branches tree)
But I do find the current mishmash to be extremely unhelpful.


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