Wes Hardaker wrote:
>>>>>> "VC" == Varun Chandramohan writes:

> VC> Iam implementing some features that were broken in
> VC> net-snmp 5.4. For the eg in udpEndpointProcess the value returned is 0
> VC> instead of pid. Now i have implemented a common function to return the
> VC> pid. I use this function for both udp mib and tcp mib. However iam not
> VC> sure where this function should fall under? I mean where should i place
> VC> this function to be logically sticking to net-snmp standards?
> Sorry for the very long delay in responding to your question...
> There actually isn't a great place right now. Some of the other
> modules actually implement in one place (say udp) and then reference
> it from the tcp equivalent (using a config_require() on the udp code
> to make user it's loaded).
> At some point, we probably need to make a "os" directory like to do an
> abstraction layer like we have for the "hardware" directory.

Thanks for the response Wes. I have implemented it and submitted as
patch in the patch manager. Well as the placement of code is not
resolved, could you please look at it and put it in the right place ?
And yes we need a abstraction layer like hardware. If that comes up we
can place it there. As of now is the current place ok?
This is the link to the patch:

Thank you,

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