>>>>> "ss" == santhosh sundarasamy writes:

ss> In 5.2.1 source code
ss> (usmDHUserKeyTable/usmDHUserKeyTable_data_?et.c), I noticed that
ss> DH_generate_key() is called for both get & set request on
ss> usmDHUserKeyTable.

ss> GET:usmDHGetUserKeyChange()->usmDHGetUserDHptr()->DH_generate_key()

Sorry about the delay, but that is only called if the row didn't
previously have a value. So, it should be called on the first GET but
not the second (unless it's broken somehow).

ss> SET:usmDHUserCheckValue()->usmDHGetUserKeyChange()->usmDHGetUserDHptr()-
>> DH_generate_key()

ss> If I change apps/snmpusm.c to do set on usmUserTable, followed
ss> by get for published keys then final set as described in REC2786, will
ss> that be the proper key change with 5.2.1 agent?

If the code in snmpusm.c isn't doing the proper set of things as
described in 2786, please do submit a patch!
Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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