>>>>> "DS" == Dave Shield writes:

DS> However, I would suggest that the 'tags' and 'branches'
DS> trees contain a large amount of stuff that is redundant and/or
DS> confusing.

Responding generically because they apply equally to both branches,
tags, etc:

1) I'm all for cleaning up things and moving them to specialized
directories (though I'd possibly use "historic" instead of "old").

2) I'm really really really strongly objecting to the out-right
removal of a given tag or branch. They are a huge part of the
projects history and there is zero gain from removing them, but
potential gain for keeping them so I don't even understand the
proposal unless I'm missing something.

I *do* look through older code sometimes and do diffs against
versions and frequently try to find what releases a particular code
version was in, or...

Actually, the one cvs command that I've never been able to figure a
replacement for in svn (though I have 15 years of cvs experience, I
only have about 2 of svn so that's probably half the problem):

cvs status -v file

In cvs this lists all the branches and tags that a file is a member
of. I used to use this fairly frequently in CVS... I haven't found a
SVN replacement yet (though I haven't even done a google search to see
if there is one).
Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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