utpala m wrote:
> I am including "unistd.h " in my code which inturn includes getopt.h.
> getopt.h is available in two locations
> /usr/include/
> /usr/local/include/netsnmp/library/ (when netsnmp is installed on the
> system)
> To include the net-snmp header files "/usr/local/include/netsnmp/library/"
> is also specifed in the include path.
> as a result compiler picks up getopt.h from
> "/usr/local/include/netsnmp/library/" instead of "/usr/include/" while
> including unistd.h
> How do I go about including getopt.h from /usr/include/ while using system
> provided header files like unistd.h

You shouldn't add "/usr/local/include/netsnmp/library/" to your include
path. I'd rather suggest to add the output of "net-snmp-config --cflags"
to your CFLAGS which is likely to contain "-I/usr/local/include" in your
case. If you need to include some header file
/usr/local/include/netsnmp/library/xxx.h, please do:



Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at blue-cable.de)

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