I have writen a subagentagent based on net-snmp Tutorial
I run my snmpd daemon with options "-f -Le -d" so I can see
what happens on the wire.
So when I run example-demon I can see that this daemon is connected
to the master agent (snmpd).
But according to the tutorial, when I run:
snmpget localhost NET-SNMP-TUTORIAL-MIB:nstAgentSunagentObject.0
I've got response:
Timeout: No Response from localhost

Looking at the snmpd log I can see:
Received 129 bytes from UDP: []:1054 .....
Sending 60 bytes to UDP: unknown ....

It seems that snmpd doesn't know where to sent the answer to.
Am I right?
Could you help me to fix this problem?

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