Hello all,

I'm currently running a project in my school, which need to provide
datas over SNMP.

Here is a small overview of the context :

We have small temperature sensors (embedded devices) that will
periodically send information through the network to a central server.
(those devices can't run their own snmp agent). The application on the
server will store the data in a linked list.

The same program is a subagent aswell, and will feed the data into the
snmp agent of the server. Those datas may change quite fast (every 15s
for example).

So, here are some questions i'm asking myself :

1. I've choosed the Iterator solution, as explained when running mib2c
(the data are held outside from the agent itself). Is that the right
choice ?

2. With the iterator system, i don't really understand how the whole is
working. when a SNMP GET request comes, does it walk through the linked
list to find the index ? Or does the agent held a cached version of my
datas by his side ?.

3. I don't really get the difference between my_loop_context and
my_data_context pointers. Same goes for the _get_first_data_point and
_get_next_data_point functions.

4. When the program is started, there's no available datas. this mean i
my linked list is empty. will net-snmp understand that there's no entry ?

There's quite a lot of points that aren't realy clear to me at the
moment. I hope your answer will allow me to go ahead with my project.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


Olivier B.

Olivier Beytrison
Student in Telecommunication
University of Applied science
Fribourg - Switzerland

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