On 05/12/06, Lakshmi wrote:
> Thanks a lot for your overwhelming response.
> After executing the command $export MIBS=ALL ,
> i am not seeing the warning messges.

Actually, I suspect it's more likely to be Narayana's suggestion
of setting MIBDIRS. Particularly if you can now request MIB
objects by name.

The error you were getting indicate that the library had a list
of MIBs that it was trying to load - but didn't know where to find
them. Setting the MIBDIRS variable would specify the location
of these MIB files.

Setting the MIBS variable just changes the list of MIB files
that it loads - but not where it's looking for them. If it couldn't
find the files before, then this won't have changed.

But if it works for you, then it works.


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