On 04/12/06, Pete Marinec wrote:
> >Try specifying the monitor command using the "-I" (capital i) flag,
> >and giving the exact OID (i.e. including the .0 instance subidentifier)
> >
> >If that still doesn't work, try running the agent with the option -Ddisman,
> >too give some indication what's happening.

> i tried with the -I, including the .0 - no change in output. With debug, no
> messages are displayed..

Nothing at *all*?
That sounds definitely wrong.

If nothing else, you should get some messages displayed as part of setting
up the DisMan monitoring entries, even if the active monitoring doesn't kick in.

What is the exact command that you are using to start the agent?
What do you see if you walk the DisMan Event tables?

> I also tried using the "-n" option, with the notification type being
> specified followed by -n, and nothing else, however i get an "Error: unable
> to parse an object oid"

I wouldn't worry about that just yet.
Concentrate on getting the basic monitoring functionality working first.
*Then* you can look at configuring the exact setup you require.
But if things aren't working at all, it's sensible to start with as simple
a setup as possible.


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