On 28/11/06, Pete Marinec wrote:
> For example
> manager does a SET request for a BIT saying execute (an INT 1), the agent
> receives the set, then notifies saying the BIT has completed,

That is presumably in addition to the RESPONSE, sent back to say that the
SET succeeded?

> I am having trouble implementing the TRAPS. I've looked into using the
> DISMAN EVENT to monitor the scalars (using a boolean monitor test) to send a
> notificationEvent (with the -n option) so that the payload has all the
> OBJECTs (per MIB file) & their respective values (from the agent), however I
> never receive any of these notifications (my snmpd.conf file seems to be
> setup correctly) (running the snmpd with debug doesn't say anything gets
> sent either).. does the disman event monitor scalars?

It should do, yes.
Try specifying the monitor command using the "-I" (capital i) flag,
and giving the exact OID (i.e. including the .0 instance subidentifier)

If that still doesn't work, try running the agent with the option -Ddisman,
too give some indication what's happening.


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