I am very new to using the Net-SNMP libraries. Further complicating the
problem, I have not used C code for a long while (still coming back up
to speed).

I need to prototype a stand-alone C application that uses the Net-SNMP
library functions to send a SNMPv1 trap (e.g. coldStart). I have had
very little success and I am looking for help. I am writing this
application on a RedHat Linux platform.

So far, I have a makefile and a source file called 'send_trap.c'. The
makefile is largely based off of the makefile provided in the Net-SNMP
tutorial, but modified to work on my platform. Here are the contents of
the makefile:

-----> BEGIN CODE: makefile <-----
TARGETS=send_trap agent

CFLAGS=-I. 'net-snmp-config --cflags`
BUILDLIBS=`net-snmp-config --libs`
BUILDAGENTLIBS=`net-snmp-config --agent-libs`

# shared library flags (assumes gcc)
DLFLAGS=-fPIC -shared

send_trap: $(TOBJ)
$(CC) -o send_trap $(TOBJ) $(BUILDLIBS)

-----> END CODE <-----

When I execute this makefile, the following is the output:

-----> BEGIN OUTPUT: make send_trap <-----
gcc -I. `net-snmp-config --cflags` -c -o send_trap.o send_trap.c
gcc -o send_trap send_trap.o `net-snmp-config --libs`
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible libnetsnmp.so when searching for
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible libnetsnmp.a when searching for
-----> END OUTPUT: make send_trap <-----

This creates the send_trap executable, but I am not entirely sure about
the meaning of these warnings and whether they are affecting my program
or not.

My 'send_trap.c' program is extremely sparse. I want to send a coldStart
trap and I would like each part (Enterprise, generic, specific, agent
address, destination, varbinds, etc) of the SNMPv1 trap to be variable,
such that I can change 1 or more pieces to make my application send a
different trap. I have read elsewhere that doing each of the following
in succession should result in a trap being sent: init_snmp(),
snmp_open(), snmp_pdu_create(), snmp_add_var(), snmp_send(). Is that
correct? Any suggestions on where specifically to look in the Net-SNMP
documentation to determine how to send a trap from a stand-alone C
application or what needs to be done to accomplish this would be greatly

I apologize for the long post. I look forward to any and all suggestions
or comments. Thank you in advance.


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