I'm implementing a V3 MIB which uses traps to send notifications back to a
manager that certain tasks are complete...

For example
manager does a SET request for a BIT saying execute (an INT 1), the agent
receives the set, then notifies saying the BIT has completed, then the
manager does a GET request back.

The majority of the SET requests that will trigger the TRAPs are scalars
(which I've implemented as an agent using the mib2c.int_watch.conf, any
tables, I've used the mib2c.table_data.conf).

Currently my agent can do set/gets etc on all the items in the MIB, however,
I am having trouble implementing the TRAPS. I've looked into using the
DISMAN EVENT to monitor the scalars (using a boolean monitor test) to send a
notificationEvent (with the -n option) so that the payload has all the
OBJECTs (per MIB file) & their respective values (from the agent), however I
never receive any of these notifications (my snmpd.conf file seems to be
setup correctly) (running the snmpd with debug doesn't say anything gets
sent either).. does the disman event monitor scalars?
(also when usign the -n option, i get "Error: unable to parse trap oid",
however when I manually enter the values, all is well - the MIB file is
included in the agent )

My config is as follows : (i switched to V2c, to make sure any V3
authentication issues weren't problems, to make sure I was implementing

rwuser default noauth
createUser default MD5 nopassword DES

rwcommunity public

#trapsess -v 3 -l noAuthNoPriv -u default
iquerySecName default
agentSecName default
trap2sink public
#notificationEvent routerTrapBIT -n
notificationEvent routerTrapBIT routerBITComplete
monitor -e routerTrapBIT "rBIT" routerBitExe != 0

thanks for your help

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