[Sorry for the delay in responding to this]

On 04/10/06, Ragnar R=FC=FCtel wrote:
> I'm trying to build net-snmp with encryption support for days but I
> cant get it configured properly.

> When I run configure script with --with-openssl option followed by
> path where include files and libraries lay but the scripts ends with

> checking for authentication support... configure: error: Asked to use
> OpenSSL but I couldn't find it.

> I checked config.log for ssl entries but couldnt make much of it,

That's probably the right place to look for an indication of what
might be going wrong. If you still need a fix for this problem,
have a look in this file for the line

configure:xxxx: checking for authentication support

and post the contents from there, up to the next "checking for" line.
Maybe that will indicate what's going wrong.

What is the exact "configure" command that you're using?


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