> DSM> [patch snipped]
> DSM> As a motivated user (I'm trying to run on AIX with --without-
> kmem-
> DSM> usage), I vote +1 :-)
> Did you try it on AIX and it worked? You don't clearly state whether
> it just looked good or whether you tried it and it fixed your issues.
> --
> Wes Hardaker
> Sparta, Inc.

Sorry about that.

I can't say that it fixes a specific issue I'm having; the test is
the last #elif hanging off the only other possible ways to get
boottime_csecs. If you can't use NLIST, you don't get it at all
(returns zero).

However, what I like about it is that it avoids a call to nlist when
the configuration is trying to avoid it (--without-kmem-usage).

Uh, I guess that amounts to "it just looked good."


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