On 14/11/06, Alef Veld wrote:
> I'm am trying to use the values in sysUpTime,ipForwarding and
> ifNumber. I know the last 2 are integers, but i'm not sure about
> sysUpTime.

>From SNMPv2-MIB:

SYNTAX TimeTicks

>From SNMPv2-SMI:

TimeTicks ::=
IMPLICIT INTEGER (0..4294967295)

So sysUpTime is basically an integer as well.
But the library knows how to interpret this type,
and typically displays it in a more meaningful form.

> What type of variable do i need to declare to hold their information
> and how would i best go about interpreting them.

It's not clear exactly what you mean by that.
SNMP requests are held in a "struct variable_list",
which includes a "netsnmp_vardata val" field
to hold the actual value.
See for details.


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