Alef Veld wrote:
> Hello,
> If i wanted to discover a large amount of hosts, which method would
> be better. How does asynchronous work? Does it just send a bunch of
> udp packets in a threaded fashion?
> It's just that i find the net-snmp library pretty difficult to
> understand, and i wonder if there are some bare bones snmp client
> whose only hook is the systems headers/libraries.

Async calls allow non-blocking sending of PDUs (see snmp_async_send()) and
provides functions to use within a select() based event loop (see

I am not aware of a higher level API ... although snmplib api is fairly high
level for general snmp client functionality. no matter what you're going to have
to do the basic steps

1) init the library
2)setup a session
3)construct a pdu
4)send it
5)process the result

If you are looking for a much higher level API, see the perl SNMP module
included in the release.

use SNMP;
$sess = new SNMP::Session(DestHost => localhost, Community => public);
$val = $sess->get('sysDescr.0');

btw, you would have to explain what you mean by "bare bones snmp client whose
only hook is the systems headers/libraries"


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