>>>>> "JJ" == Jeff Johnson writes:

JJ> A tangential issue is simplifying the HR-MIB interface to an rpm
JJ> (or other package manager) installed software database to remove
JJ> the need for configuration entirely.

That would certainly be nice... We could test for it during configure
otherwise fallback to the library. We can't actually get rid of the
older method till people stop using the older version even if rpm
itself is reved soon. Between all the RPM distributions out there
that stay installed for ages...

JJ> That means that opendir(3) and stat(2) can be used for the HR-MIB
JJ> instead of linking -lrpm, dragging in Berkeley DB and lots of
JJ> other "stuff" that is bloat from a net-snmp POV.

Agreed. The configure portions for RPM support are a real pain in the
neck (second to OpenSSL, though). Supporting multiple versions of the
library, etc, in order to support older OSes makes life a pain.
Wes Hardaker
Sparta, Inc.

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