rahul_k_sharma@agilent.com wrote:
> IPv6:
> a) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-61 udp6:[fe80::203:baff:fe2a:a645] sysName.0 -> No match - NOT OK
> b) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-62 udp6:[fe80::203:baff:fe2a:a645] sysName.0 -> No match - NOT OK

What exactly is the output here?

Anyway, I'm sorry to conclude that you'll probably need to fire up a
debugger and step through snmplib/snmpUDPIPv6Domain.c to find out
where/why it breaks. I don't have access to an IPv6-enabled
Solaris/HP-UX machine to assist myself. If you can come up with
something, please let us know.


Thomas Anders (thomas.anders at blue-cable.de)

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