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On 04/09/06, Fabio Pintus wrote:
> Hi, many thanks for your support. You are the first people that is trying to
> help me.
> I have installed the package "net-snmp_5.1.2" from some other distribution
> called OpenWRT.
> This is the output of "net-snmp-config
> --snmpd-module-list" :
> [mips@cbm bin]$ ./net-snmp-config --snmpd-module-list
> host/hr_device host/hr_disk host/hr_filesys host/hr_network
> host/hr_partition host/hr_proc host/hr_storage host/hr_system mibII/at
> mibII/icmp mibII/interfaces mibII/ip mibII/snmp_mib mibII/sysORTable
> mibII/system_mib mibII/tcp mibII/udp mibII/vacm_context mibII/vacm_vars
> snmpv3/snmpEngine snmpv3/snmpMPDStats snmpv3/usmStats snmpv3/usmUser
> ucd-snmp/disk ucd-snmp/extensible ucd-snmp/loadave ucd-snmp/memory
> ucd-snmp/pass ucd-snmp/proc ucd-snmp/vmstat util_funcs utilities/execute
> mibII/kernel_linux mibII/ipAddr mibII/var_route mibII/route_write
> mibII/tcpTable mibII/udpTable tunnel/tunnel

That looks very much as if the agent was compiled without AgentX support.
Two other things to try:

a) net-snmp-config --configure-options
b) snmpd -f -Le -v


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