On 04/09/06, Ritwik, Basu wrote:
> Could you please tell me the function prototype for getbulk???

At what level are you working? (Which language? :-))
What function prototypes are you comparing GETBULK against?

The basic Net-SNMP library uses the same functions to send *all*
requests, so GETBULK typically uses the same API as any other request
See 'snmpbulkget.c' for an example.

> How is the bulk data returned to the calling master agent? I mean what is
> the nature of the pointer or structure used?

As a varbind list ('netsnmp_variable_list') - just as for GET or
GETNEXT requests.
The only difference is that the returned list is typically longer than
in the original request
(unlike the other two, where the request and response varbind lists
will be the same length).


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