On 02/09/06, Zhang Chuan wrote:
> 3. What is the difference between "netsnmp_insert_table_row" and
> "netsnmp_table_data_add_row"?

netsnmp_table_data_add_row() will add the specified row to the
internal representation of the table. So that new row will be
recognised as part of the table for future requests.

netsnmp_insert_table_row() will add the specified row to the
information held about a given varbind for the *current* request.
That allows the subsequent processing passes (of the same request) to
work with it - whether or not it has been added to the main table
structure yet.

I'm not sure why things aren't working properly for your createAndWait
It might be worth posting the code that you're working with, the
*exact* commands that you are using, and the *exact* problems you are
"I always get NULL" is still a bit vague - exactly where in the
code is this happening?


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