>Thomas Anders wrote:
>I can reproduce your problem and confirm that this is a bug. I've checked >in a
>fix for CVS MAIN that should allow you to build net-snmp on Solaris (and >AIX,
>Tru64, ...) with support for the UDPIPv6/TCPIPv6 transports. The mibII/ipv6 >MIB
>module still won't be supported, though, so you have to build with
> ./configure --enable-ipv6 --with-out-mib-modules="mibII/ipv6" ...
>Can you please grab a CVS MAIN snapshot from
>http://www.net-snmp.org/nightly/tarballs/ and give it a try? (Please >uninstall
>5.3.1 for the duration of the test.)


As suggested, we used following software versions
1) Net-SNMP 5.4.dev (taken from http://www.net-snmp.org/nightly/tarballs/)
2) GCC 3.3
3) Solaris 5.9

The steps as follows

1) Running configure
../configure --prefix=/net/tcsnas01/vol/nxqa/qa/local/net-snmp_sol --enable--ipv6 --with-out-mib-modules=mibII/ipv6 --with-cc=gcc --with-persistent-directory=/net/tcsnas01/vol/nxqa/qa/local/net-snmp_sol/var/net-snmp --with-logfile=/net/tcsnas01/vol/nxqa/qa/local/net-snmp_sol/log/snmpd.log

When we look inside config.log we find following details ...
configure:23290: checking ipv6 stack type
conftest.c:49:45: /usr/local/v6/include/sys/types.h: No such file or directory
conftest.c:49:22: features.h: No such file or directory
configure:23441: result: postponed
configure:23535: checking ipv6 stack type
configure:23559: result: "generic, yes, using libc"

2) We run make, make test, make install
make runs successfully
make test passes all test cases (2 cases out of 59 failed)
(54: testing 1st CPU on Solaris using HOST-RESOURCES... FAIL)
(57: testing swap on Solaris using HOST-RESOURCES... FAIL)
make install runs successfully

3) We start the snmp agent
We prepare snmpd.conf file as follows
rocommunity SNMP_COMMUNITY-1
rwcommunity SNMP_COMMUNITY-2
rocommunity6 SNMP_COMMUNITY-61
rwcommunity6 SNMP_COMMUNITY-62

We start the agent using following command ./snmpd -d -p udp:161,udp6:161
The snmpd.log says following when agent is started
NET-SNMP version 5.4.dev
Important to note that in Net-SNMP_5.4.dev we do not get Unknown Token error for rocommunity6 and rwcommunity6.
Also when checked through "./snmpd -H" we fine that rocummunity6 and rwcommunity6 are listed as known directives.

4) We Execute snmpget commands
a) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-1 kaveri sysName.0 -> Response - OK
b) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-2 kaveri sysName.0 -> Response - OK
c) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-3 kaveri sysName.0 -> Timeout - OK
a) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-61 udp6:[fe80::203:baff:fe2a:a645] sysName.0 -> No match - NOT OK
b) snmpget -v1 -c SNMP_COMMUNITY-62 udp6:[fe80::203:baff:fe2a:a645] sysName.0 -> No match - NOT OK

5) Support Information
Output of "netstat -a -P udp" command as follows
Local Address Remote Address State
-------------------- -------------------- -------
*.* Unbound
*.snmp Idle
*.* Unbound
Local Address Remote Address State
-------------------- -------------------- -------
SNMP not shown

We suspect that agent is not coming up with udp6.
We also tried following commands
../snmpd -d -p udp6:161
But agent did not come up with udp6 it was always bound under UDP:IPv4

Please consider the given information.

Rahul K

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